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    Up to 64% Off Hair Services at The Indus3 
    $80 $39 0.0 miles
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    Up to 68% Off at Pure Nature Day Spa
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    Up to 58% Off 60-Minute Facial and Massage
    It's All About Me Salon & Day Spa
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    Up to 63% Off Facial Treatments
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    Up to 68% Off at Pure Nature Day Spa
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    Up to 60% Off Ayurvedic Consultations & Treatments
    Multiple Locations
    $135 $65 4.1 miles
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    Up to 50% Off Weight-Loss Body Wraps
    $165 $87 5.1 miles
16 Lincoln Boulevard Clark, New Jersey 07066


The story of The Indus3 begins, as many good stories do, with a quest. In 2009, an overworked Elder Marmeleira himself from a regular nine-to-five job in search of a new means of helping other similarly stressed individuals look and feel good. Soon Elder realized that his budding hairstyling skills were his ticket to a new kind of life.

After countless hours spent honing his craft and fine-tuning his now-signature techniques, he opened The Indus3 salon. Now, with the help of stylist Jenny Viana, Elder continues to uphold his vision of lifting each client’s spirits by transforming their appearance through a host of personalized salon services tailored to individual tastes and styles. On any given day, the team can be found at styling stations, gilding locks with flattering highlights, installing volume-boosting extensions, or straightening curl-laden manes with meticulous flat-iron services. Along with strand-enhancing treatments, The Indus3’s crew also offers makeup applications and performs facial waxing services to streamline upper-lip fuzz that spells the name “Charlotte.”

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