Cellulite Solutions of Clearwater

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131 North Garden Avenue Clearwater, FL 33755


In spite of its name, Cellulite Solutions of Clearwater helps to liberate clients from a range of common imperfections, not just cellulite. Luxurious facial masks and scrubs help to purify pores and refine overall tone, and Nu Skin Galvanic Spa treatments employ a handheld device that emits low-level electric currents to remove toxins and wrinkles from the face. To tackle unwanted bodily lumps and bumps, spa owner Audrey has mastered the techniques behind Endermologie body-contouring sessions. Using the roll-and-lift technology of Endermologie, she drains excess fluid from the body and alleviates muscle tension while reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The treatment is especially apt for people who have recently undergone liposuction and who have not recently been sealed in an escape pod and hurtled into deep space.