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Helmed by Doctor of Chiropractic Damian Scelfo, Carolina Spinal Care & Laser Therapy Center reduces client circumferences with spot-targeted fat reduction and body-vibration therapy. A non-invasive system, the Lapex 2000 BCS LipoLaser sneakily penetrates skin without breaking the surface, startling adipose cells into dropping their water stores, fatty acids, glycerol, and juggling pins. Once free of baggage, fat cells shrivel into unfat cells, visibly shrinking chosen areas in time. After the 45-minute treatment, newly narrowing forms shake and shimmy to the circulation-boosting tremors of a Wave vibration machine, strengthening previously concealed contours and relieving pockets of spare change. Sessions conclude with a relaxing 10-minute hydro-massage on an AquaMed Bed, with muscle-kneading jets of warm water soothing away tension while clients remain completely dry and fully costumed. Although many patients see results after one Lapex LaserLipo session, the number of treatments required for optimal outcomes varies from person to person.

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