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1846 Coventry Rd Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


While critics laud Canadian-imported comedians, crooners, and hockey stars, Canada is also known for the liberal scientific-workout ethics that gave birth to a genetically engineered exercise more useful than square watermelons and seedless squares. Spynga is a hybrid exercise species of Canadian origin that combines the slow, focused poses and stretching of yoga with the heart-thumping intensity of cardio spinning. The two exercises are not performed simultaneously, as severe and violent tangling would be unavoidable; instead, they are performed one after the other. The skilled and motivational instructors at Buddhaful coach students through a stationary-bike session, revving hearts up to a maximum beating point. This calorie-burning workout is immediately followed by a yoga mat session on the studio's expansive hardwood floor. Muscles, joints, and tendons pushed to their limit by the bike session are stretched and relaxed, easing post-workout pain and tension while aiding in the development of core strength. The studio also offers classes that concentrate solely on yoga or spinning if students prefer to master the techniques separately before attempting a double major. Classes are offered daily; check the schedule and call to reserve a space.

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