David's Deli

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1111 Superior Ave Cleveland, OH 44114


The friendly servers and modern atmosphere at David’s make it a great place to enjoy tasty lunchtime favorites. In the business of slinging great deli fare for 15 years, David’s uses the freshest ingredients and makes everything, including its famous sandwiches, fresh to order. These layers of thin-sliced satisfaction cost $3.95 to $9.75. The hometown favorite Clevelander ($6.25) piles fresh-cut roast turkey breast, Swiss cheese, creamy coleslaw, and Thousand Island dressing on David’s beloved hand-cut rye bread. Bring an animal-loving friend, and your Groupon will still cover the vegetarian ($4.95), a pita sandwich packed with mixed vegetables marinated in a light vinaigrette dressing, your choice of cheese, and alfalfa sprouts for safety. You’ll also find some excellent specimen of the sandwiches' skinnier sister, the wrap. Try the all-American ($5.95) with ham, roast turkey breast, and American cheese, along with garnishes and a honey-mustard spread. That still leaves ample room on your Groupon meter for a few of David’s tasty cookies ($0.95), brownies ($1.75), or other desserts.