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Pro Learning Center's linguists teach English and Spanish with the expedient Callan Method, and instruct students in French, Italian, and Chinese with more traditional techniques. In Callan Method classes, adults and kids put their gray cells on red alert as brains are bombarded with constant repetition and conversation at up to 240 words per minute. The breakneck speed of chatter stimulates a language reflex, which allows students to respond naturally when addressed in their language of choice or when spooked by a foreign ghost. Alternatively, French, Italian, and Chinese classes take a more measured approach, giving students a chance to gradually develop vocabularies and conversation skills. Classes take place over the course of six weeks in sessions as lengthy or brief as each student's personal schedule permits, allowing for learning around work or increasingly less awkward visits to other countries. Students also have access to Pro Learning Center's online courses, which offer additional resources for at-home learning.