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12931 University Ave Clive, IA 50325


The agave plant, which is traditionally grown in Mexico, produces a nectar that can become sweeter than honey with proper aging and cultivation. It's appropriate that Agave Grill takes its name from this established Mexican crop, since the restaurant's primary focus is on the cultural authenticity of its dishes.

Modern hanging lights cast shadows on vibrant burgundy, yellow, and robin's egg blue walls, and large front windows fill the dining room with natural light that illuminates plates mounded with chimichangas, sauce-slathered enchiladas, and burritos stuffed with al pastor or tender carnitas. In addition to the tried-and-true cuisine, Agave Grill also pays homage to its spiritual homeland by displaying photographs of Latin American landscapes and demanding that each guest conjugate the Spanish verb for "swallow" after each bite.:m]]


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