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    Up to 51% Off at Ingleside Golf Club
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    Up to 71% Off at Parisi Speed School
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    Up to 53% Off Women's Boot Camp
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    71% Off Boot Camp Group Personal Training
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    70% Off Acupuncture Treatments
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3626 Lincoln Highway East Thorndale, PA 19372


The owner of Sees For The Soul was working as a corporate accountant when she felt the pull of her spiritual journey. Seeking deeper fulfillment from her career, she first acquired a Master's in Educational Leadership, and then decided to provide Reiki sessions professionally. Now, her work helps people connect with their inner selves, gain personal clarity, and foster wellness and spiritual growth. The studio offers a trio of treatments to achieve these goals including reiki sessions to balance the body's energy, full-body massages to relieve aching muscles, and angel card readings to offer life guidance. In addition to healing sessions, events are regularly scheduled to promote positive energy, such as book club meetings, discussion groups, and vision board workshops, and maintains a blog on making life-affirming choices.

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