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3245 W Carefree Cir Colorado Springs, CO 80917


Owner Kimberly Lowman ensures that the Body Detox Center lives up to its name by offering natural, detoxifying treatments that promote optimal well-being. To purge toxins from the skin, clients dip their feet into an electrically stimulated salt-infused footbath. During three cycles of vibrations, Kimberly watches as the water transforms colors and textures, "reading [the] water, like one reads tea leaves…" wrote Jen Mulson for The Gazette. Kimberly’s also helps clients detox on the go with a personal line of North Pole Magnets that come in a variety of easy-to-wear accessories including bracelets, ankle wraps, and alloy-woven footie pajamas. The center also carries Phoenix Nutritional supplements available for purchase.

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