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    Up to 56% Off Teeth-Whitening Treatments
    Downtown Colorado Springs
    $359 $159 2.1 miles
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    87% Off Take-Home Teeth-Whitening Kit
    Downtown Colorado Springs
    $199 $25 2.9 miles
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    72% Off Laser Teeth-Whitening Treatment
    Multiple Locations
    $317 $89 3.3 miles
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    70% Off In-Office DaVinci Laser Teeth Whitening
    Multiple Locations
    $317 $95 4.8 miles
202 East Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80906


Dr. Richard Koch, a former army captain whose family refers to him as a human encyclopedia, and Dr. Doug Koch have been filling cavities, installing implants, and straightening teeth for more than two decades. The dental professionals describe themselves as conservative, ensuring that every procedure they do is necessary, instead of yanking out every tooth with spinach clinging to it.

They work in an office that eases anxiety with treatment massage chairs, and offers a toy tower that rewards children who didn’t eat one of the dentist’s fingers. They use advanced technology such as digital x-rays and a soft tissue laser, and they update their equipment every 1–2 years.

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