Stubby's Dog Wash and Grooming Salon

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1565 York Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80918


At Stubby’s Dog Wash & Grooming Salon, owner and dog-lover Julie welcomes canine caretakers into the salon where they can wash their pups at self-serve baths or let Julie groom them from nose to tail. During self-wash treatments, dogs trot into a private room and clamber up moveable stairs into nonslip tubs—which perch at human-waist height—letting owners stand up straight rather than bending over in a bathroom and letting their spines mold into pool noodles. The salon’s dog shower lets elderly or injured dogs relax more comfortably while getting clean, and an outdoor area with a dryer quickly whisks moisture off of coats.

When Julie presides over a canine’s transformation, she can de-mat and condition coats and trim nails. She also pampers furry visages with blueberry facials and combs pooches who shed enough fur to wig a balding mammoth.

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