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Once, upon adding the finishing whiskers to her custom wedding cake, Cherie stared in horror at what she had done. The cake looked exactly like an armadillo: beady eyes, bulbous armor, spindly claws. Concerned with its semblance to the rodent, Cherie insisted that her client come by and assess the cake before making her final decision to present it as her wedding centerpiece. The bride-to-be let out a squeal of joy. “I love it! It’s exactly what I wanted.” Cherie let out a sigh of relief.

Cherie, who has been decorating cakes for 30 years, admits that there’s no accounting for taste. Despite her personal opinions on armadillos, she was heartened by her client’s elation, which is ultimately why she began baking in first place. “It’s so much fun watching kids eat their first birthday cake that you’ve worked on for hours, or to get thank-you notes from brides who say your cake tastes just as good a year later, at their one-year anniversary.”

To ensure that smiles and thank-you notes continue to pour in, Cherie collaborates with clients to design the ideal treat for their celebrations. She reviews photos with them during in-person consultations, and even requests napkins and invitations in order to design a cake to complement each event’s aesthetic. After assembling her cakes, she swathes their fluffy exteriors with her sherry cream frosting, which adds an oaky and sweet finish.

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