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    $10 for Sandwiches and Coffee at Christian Corner Cafe
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6184 E Livingston Ave Columbus, OH 43232


A grinning, toga-clad mascot hoists dinner entrees above his head on Funny Greek's illuminated outdoor sign, and pops out from a ship's steering wheel against the waves of the Aegean on the menu of Greek and American entrees. Soft, sliced pita bread envelopes beef tenderloin, chicken gyro meat, or crisp falafel topped with cucumber sauce and vegetables. The kitchen staff also prepares hot dogs with chili and cheese or Chicago style with hot peppers, tomatoes, and neon relish scooped from the jar by a gust of wind. Traditional Greek desserts, such as walnut, cinnamon, pecan, or chocolate-chip baklava, end meals on a sweet note.


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