King Gyros Greek Restaurant

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400 S Hamilton Rd Columbus, OH 43213


As an 8-year-old boy growing up in Greece, Yanni Chalkias first sunk his teeth into the food industry while helping his father with his spice business. Once the family moved to the United States, Chalkias worked at his father and uncles' restaurants throughout the '80s, picking up Greek family recipes through hard-learned personal experience, rather than the traditional method of stealing Zeus's cookbook from Mount Olympus.

In 1991, Chalkias started his own establishment, King Gyros Greek Restaurant, to serve his own spin on traditional family recipes, including his housemade chicken lemon soup. Skewers of grilled filet mignon tips pair with gyro sauce in the souvlaki, and a mélange of Attic flavors blend in the greek bowls, such as gyro meat, feta, and saffron rice. Recently renovated, King Gyros now sports a large dining room as well as a covered front patio that protects diners from rain, blazing heat, and paparazzi on eagle-back.

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