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55 E Nationwide Blvd Columbus, OH 43215


The Max & Erma's menu opens with appetizers that run the gamut from finger-friendly chicken tenders ($7.99) to a gooey plate of guacamole and sour-cream-topped nachos ($8.99). Completely fresh gourmet burgers ($9.29 for 10 oz., $8.29 for 6 oz.), sided with seasoned fries, let more carnally inclined 'vores flex their finger muscles around the Ragin' Cajun with a special blend of spices and pepper jack cheese, or indulge in tropical tastes with the pineapple-and-fruit-salsa-stacked Caribbean burger. Those hankering for a less meat-based meal can opt for salads such as the Third Street ($9.29) with chicken, seasoned almonds, blue cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and red onions. Vegetarians will appreciate the black-bean veggie burger ($8.49), served with baby greens salad. Characters in Hitchcock films, meanwhile, can conceal the blood stains on their shirt before the police officer sees them with a little help from the house specialty, fall-off-the-bone barbecue ribs ($14.99/half). For dessert, spoon indulgent mouthfuls of triple chocolate cake with eight layers ($4.99), made-from-scratch banana cream pie featuring a wafer crust ($5.49), or Max & Erma's signature fresh-baked cookies ($5.99/half dozen).

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