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1485 Enea Ct, Ste 1460 Concord, CA 94520


Aspire's Pilates-based exercise programs are tailored to the individual needs of its clients, then averaged into multifaceted group classes. You have the option of taking either style of Pilates offered: introductory ChoreoCore or an introductory mat class. ChoreoCore deliciously blends lively dance movements with the flexibility, balance, and core-strengthening exercises of Pilates, while the mat classes introduce students to basic core-stabilization techniques that aid in alignment, balance, and strength with a focus on using abs to stabilize the spine. Use your two class sessions to sample one of each style, since the cardio of ChoreoCore and basic grounding of the mat classes complement one another like alternating piano keys, Nutella and crêpes, or Tom and Jerry in the episodes where they team up to fight the bulldog. Classes are scheduled six days a week at various times.

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