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12330 SW 53 St. Cooper City, Florida 33330


Throughout Jim Sayih’s career, he’s helped people from all walks of life get in shape. He’s created fitness programs used by the US Secret Service and SWAT teams. He's chatted with President Bill Clinton about the childhood obesity epidemic and dedicated himself to mapping out classes, exercises, and lifestyle plans. And Jim was so inspired by the races he's run while pushing his son Michael, who has cerebral palsy, that he organized Michael's Special 5K Run/Walk, where runners pushed riders in wheelchairs.

Today, Jim shares that lifelong love of fitness through Broward County Adventure Boot Camp. He and Rhonda Core—an American Council on Exercise–certified trainer—give their clients the extra push they need to get in shape. The boot-camp routines constantly change to keep participants engaged and muscles from rebelling. On any given day, students might be practicing Pilates, doing yoga, overcoming obstacle courses, or going on a hike. Before new attendees start camp, the trainers invite them in for an evaluation to answer any questions, take a few measurements, and record their body-fat percentage so their results can be more easily tracked over time.

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