Evergreen Stables

13852 Reichenbach Road Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1Z1


Many little girls beg their fathers for ponies, but only a few fathers succumb to those puppy-eyed petitions. Pam Piddocke was lucky enough to had one of those dads. After getting her first pony at age 5, her riding skills developed quickly—so fast, in fact, that she began earning money teaching lessons as a teenager and was able to put herself through nursing school. Though she spent several years as a registered nurse, her lifelong passion for horses remained, convincing her to start teaching riding lessons again and to open Evergreen Stables.

Since starting her business in 1999, Pam has become an Equine Canada–certified coach whose 25-plus years of teaching riding helps youngsters learn everything from riding techniques to equine anatomy. During lessons, students ride atop one of Evergreen Stables' 10 trained horses and ponies, most of which were born on the property and bred for the show ring. Bordered by a 3/4-mile fenced riding trail, the property's 20 acres also house 18 temperature-controlled stalls, an old-style Western barn, and a large outdoor arena.

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