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513 Clifford St Corpus Christi, TX 78404


The instructors at Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi help students focus their minds and calibrate them to their bodies. Thoughtful breathing exercises and strength-building poses are consistently the vehicles toward mental and physical balance, although the studio offers diverse challenges across 14 different class types ranging from 65 to 90 minutes each. Those just starting out can learn the ropes in a beginners session, whereas yogis looking for more intense workouts can attend Hatha flow classes, which build core strength and improve stamina through continuous movement and by teaching pupils how to apply papier mâché to their midsections. During hot-yoga classes, the instructors crank up the thermostat to 97.8 degrees, helping to loosen stiff muscles and joints, encourage detoxification, and increase flexibility during Vinyasa flow movements.

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