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    Up to 56% Off Pure Light Slim Sessions
    Cottonwood Heights
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    Up to 58% Off Float-Tank Sessions
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    Up to 67% Off Body Wraps at Golden Tan
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1844 E Fort Union Blvd Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121


Seeing firsthand the positive effects that chiropractic medicine has had on his clients keeps Dr. Wayne Hansen passionate about his profession. At Solutions Clinic, he delivers these inspiring results by selecting the most suitable treatment plan from a list of specialties that includes traditional adjustments, ice and heat therapy, and the application of kinesio tape to support weak muscles or conceal them with wrapping paper. He can tailor his services to treat a specific condition, too, be it upper back pain, tennis elbow, or carpal tunnel. Solutions Clinic also employs a massage therapist and a dietician is available at all clinics to draw up healthy meal plans and show clients the proper way to dead lift a 5-pound bag of apples.

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