Old River Pizza Company

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3120 Manawa Centre Dr Council Bluffs, IA 51501


Following a recipe passed down for decades, the chefs at Old River Pizza Company craft dough, ladle on a layer of vine-ripened tomato sauce, splash a few fistfuls of 100% South Alma cheese blend, sprinkle on a variety of fresh veggies and locally raised meats, and bake the masterpiece in a stone-brick oven. The menu, features classic creations such as the buffalo chicken pizza dressed in marinated chicken, smoked bacon, and tomatoes, and the inventive mac & cheese pizza baked with light mozzarella and generously crumbled croutons ($14.29 each for a 12-inch medium). Gourmet pizzas, served on thick herb or thin crust, dance through options ranging from shrimp pesto to smoked salmon and Alfredo concoctions ($10.29 each for an 8-inch small), each representing a hint of sophistication sans the cumbersome shortcomings of monocle wearing.

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