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    Up to 67% Off Manual-Therapy Treatments
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    Up to 55% Off at Inner Balance Reiki
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    Up to 55% Off at Platinum Hair Studio
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    Up to 70% Off Haircuts, Moroccanoil, and Keratin
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    Up to 56% Off Group or Private Dance Lessons
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    Up to 58% Off Laser Skin Treatments
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    Up to 62% Off Massages or Holistic Therapy
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712 Brook St Rocky Hill, CT 06067


Inflated structures, slides, and games fill the climate-controlled environs of the numerous BounceU locations that speckle the nation. At each site, staff members closely monitor all activities as little ones traverse obstacle courses or pull on oversized inflatable boxing gloves. The crew also invites parents to join in on the fun, letting them bounce alongside their kids or make sweeping edicts from atop a bouncy-castle throne.

In addition to open sessions, the indoor-play haven sets the stage for Pre-K and Play Classes, where instructors lead games and activities. Special events include Create and Bounce, which lets kids bounce and paint the day away so their parents can do grownup things, such as eat marshmallows with a knife and fork.

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