AAA Air Duct and Carpet Cleaning

6757 Arapaho Rd Dallas, TX 75248


Unless windows are open, the air inside homes is a closed system of circulating particulate matter and gravity-resistant children. Since 1982, the staffers at ABC Air Duct Cleaning have cleared the air of unwanted dust and allergens. They go about this in a number of ways; in addition to clearing away the dust and debris that commonly haunts air ducts, the staff also investigates often overlooked sources of allergens and mold, such as the coils of air conditioners. Upholstery and carpeting—common havens for dust and pollen—get thorough cleanings with nontoxic, biodegradable cleansers. Additionally, the team unclogs dryer vents of lint, preventing hazardous overheating that can lead to house fires and towels that dry you off way too quickly.

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