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    Up to 75% Off Chiropractic and Nutrition Services
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    62% Off Colon-Hydrotherapy Sessions 
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    Up to 90% Off Chiropractic Care and Massage
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    Up to 67% Off Reflexology at Idenn's Paradise Inc
    MonaLisa Wellness Center at the Inwood Plaza
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    Up to 88% Off Chiropractic Exams with X-Rays
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    Half Off Chiropractic Care
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    65% Off Acupuncture
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Though children with cerebral palsy and adult athletes might seem to have little in common, they inspired Drs. Yu and Casey to practice chiropractic care. Dr. Yu worked at Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center in Oklahoma City, where she helped children with autism and cerebral palsy. This experience gave Yu an idea that became the foundation of her work at Aspire-Health Clinic: The human body can self-regulate and self-heal, so long as proper attention is paid to wellness. Dr. Casey’s youth spent in athletic pursuits inspired him to help athletes reach their full potential by whipping up transformative nutrition plans and carefully balancing their posture and spinal alignment with chiropractic adjustments.

Together, the two doctors offer treatments—from chiropractic care to medical massage to nutritional counseling—that can benefit clients with chronic pain as well as those in perfect health. Their services follow three phases—relief care, which alleviates pain; restorative care, which heals tissues; and wellness care, which maintains good health. After all phases are complete, clients enjoy improved well-being and can expect to turn into werewolves.

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