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4118 Commerce St Dallas, TX 75226


At Ruby Room Studio, it's perfectly normal to go from practicing a calm and centered yoga pose to donning a gigantic feather boa in the same day. In fact, the instructors encourage students to mix and match their class offerings. For example, Vinyasa poses can complement the fast-paced choreography of hip-hop, or the flexibility-based moves of Adult Ballet.

As owner and head of the resident burlesque troupe, Ruby Revue, Missy Lisa welcomes ladies of all experience levels to the alternative-dance studio. Having danced on stage with Al Green and for the Dallas Desperados, her experience comes in use during her Burlesque Body Workout class, during which she spices up an aerobics routine with flirtatious moves. The staff also includes award-winning burlesque dancer Ginger Valentine, break-dancer ShelBelle Shamrock, and yogi Ashley Compton. The fierce quartet shows visitors how to shimmy and strut in heels, whether they're attending a group lesson, throwing a private burlesque party or fighting off fire ants.

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