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    $10 for Dinner at Stratos Greek Taverna
    Northwest Dallas
    $20 $10 0.0 miles
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    55% Off Barbecue Pulled-Pork Sandwiches at Dickey's Barbecue Pit
    $11 $5 0.6 miles
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    50% Off Mexican Food at Cesar Taqueria
    $15 $7.50 0.9 miles
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    Half Off Bakery Goods at Bocatti
    Midway Hollow
    $20 $10 1.8 miles
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    40% Off Southwestern-Style Seafood and Steak at The Wild Turkey
    $20 $12 2.2 miles
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    Johnson's Backyard Garden – 49% Off Organic Produce
    Multiple Locations
    $84 $43 2.3 miles
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    Up to 53% Off at Caribbean Grill
    Northwest Dallas
    $25 $12 3.6 miles
2907 W Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75220


Flames shoot skyward, then disappear into the ether. Soon they reappear, several feet from where they first emerged. They're not caused by invisible volcanoes or a dragon puffing out his birthday candles. Instead, they stem from saganaki, a cheese that's set ablaze tableside. This brandy-fueled display is just one of the rousing events at Stratos Greek Taverna. Here, cooks rub racks of lamb with fragrant oregano and slice gyro meat from a large rotisserie. Layers of spinach, feta, and phyllo dough form dramatic towers of spanakopita, one of the restaurant's many homemade dishes.

The food isn't the only source of excitement. Three nights a week, belly dancers teach guests to gyrate atop the eatery's tables and wooden dance floor. DJs fill the dining room with melodies on a regular basis. Guests can also explore a double-decker patio swathed in starlight and the sweet scent of honey-cinnamon baklava.

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