Teabo Cafe

2191 Cowell Blvd Davis, CA 95618


At Davis Creamery, visitors can wind down while sampling a wide selection of delectable desserts in a cozy atmosphere. Davis Creamery’s menu offers 9 classic flavors, including salted caramel and cheesecake, as well as 25 seasonal flavors that include avocado coconut, amaretto, pomegranate raspberry, lemon custard, and vanilla honey. Sweet-tooth-toting customers can lick away with a single scoop ($2.75) and add extra scoops for a dollar each, or opt for a shake ($3.95) and a cow-pie ice-cream sandwich ($3). To supply your whole coven with sweet treats, take home ice cream by the quart ($6.50). Additionally, patrons can soak in a cozy atmosphere that’s much more relaxing than a rickety windmill under siege by a delusional knight.