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2121 2nd St Davis, CA 95618


Foils clash and ring out through Davis Fencing Academy as students practice basic guards and prepare to spar. Sword master Simon Pitfeild walks up and down the line, correcting a grip here or an angle of attack there. His years of fighting at UC Davis, at the French Academy of Arms, and with the City of Davis fencing program are evident as you watch his precise style and the attention to detail he shows as he leads the team of coaches at Davis Fencing Academy.

Classes accommodate students of all skill levels, ranging from Mini Musketeer lessons for 6- to 8-year-olds to advanced training for adults who want to perfect their techniques or work toward competition. Adult and youth beginners’ classes introduce footwork and blade work for the foil, sabre, and épée, with the option of progressing to intermediate and advanced footwork classes. After lessons, students can engage in open sparring to hone their reflexes and practice monogramming everyone’s uniforms with their own initials.

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