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3594 Salem Ave Dayton, OH 45406


As Shawon Brown-Gullette told Robin McMacken of the Dayton Daily News, she keeps a box of tissues near her hair-system station at Infinitee Trichology Centre. But they aren't there to curb sneezes or fold into origami. According to Brown-Gullette, they absorb the tears of joy and renewed self-confidence that the hair-loss expert often witnesses as she outfits clients with discrete hairpieces that match the natural color and texture of surrounding hair.

Brown-Gullette—who is certified through the International Association of Trichologists and who has presented local seminars on hair loss—takes a holistic approach to reversing alopecia, one that may require a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. After running medical tests to explore the root causes for thinning hair, Brown-Gullette employs several personalized treatments, including the use of electrotherapy, ultraviolet rays, and low-level laser therapy.

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