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603 N Locust St Denton, TX 76201


Sunlight floods through the windows of Loco Cafe, mingling with steam rising from freshly baked biscuits and griddled brown-butter hash browns. Though the café serves up the huevos rancheros, cornmeal johnnycakes, and grilled cheese sandwiches of homey Mexican and mainland American cuisine, it takes its name from the loco moco—a mainstay of Hawaiian diner fare. The meal combines hash browns, eggs, and steak or bacon in an appetizing and architecturally impressive stack, served with zesty salsa or savory biscuits and gravy. Diners looking for lighter meals chow down on plates of caramelized grapefruit or homemade smoked chicken soup. Drinks include pecan-tinged coffee or iced tea in flavors such as caramel, mint, hibiscus, and blueberry.


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