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575 Lincoln St Denver, CO 80203


Bombay Bowl's owner, Amar, says he "grew up in an East Indian kitchen," where he attentively learned his family's generations-old knowledge of the region's aromatic and salutary spices. Although his menu features the familiar combinations of turmeric, ginger, and coriander, he set out to infuse his Indian cuisine with a casual, health-conscious environment. The cooks eschew trans fats, artificial flavorings, and schnozberries, seeking out all-natural beef and chicken, chopping vibrant vegetables, and baking fresh naan over their kitchen's campfires instead. With these ingredients, diners can customize their own bowl of long-grain basmati rice, choosing from five meaty or vegetarian fillings, four sauces, and four chutneys. The chefs also whip up gluten-free and vegan options, accommodating virtually any diet.


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