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    Up to 61% Off Pilates Classes
    $125 $49 0.1 miles
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    Up to 61% Off at Wellstone Acupuncture
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 85% Off Chiropractic Care
    Lower Highlands
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    Up to 61% Off Boot-Camp Classes at Back in Motion
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    Up to 61% Off Nutrition Therapy
    The Highlands
    $240 $99 0.7 miles
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    Up to 82% Off Self-Defense Camp
    Multiple Locations
    $270 $49 0.9 miles
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    Up to 57% Off Women's Yoga Classes
    West Highland
    $90 $39 0.9 miles
3041 Zuni Street Denver, CO 80211


At over 90 locations throughout the country, CorePower Yoga (CPY) invites students to creative classes that meld movement, breath, heat, and music into entrancing routines to energize the body and mind. Signature CPY classes are taught by approachable certified yoga instructors who lead students through dynamic, Vinyasa-style flows with demonstration and verbal cues, helping pupils of all experience levels tone core muscles and cultivate balance. CPY also offers teacher training and lifestyle programs to empower students to become yoga instructors or to just advance their individual practice. During construction of all its new studios, CPY strives to use recycled content, install eco-friendly and efficient mechanical systems, and ensure that any waste created doesn't end up in landfills or just piled in Mr. Henderson's garage.

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