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Djuna's furniture hunters scour the globe for distinctive home accessories, furniture, and artwork, sourcing their collections from importers and producers such as Harrogate House, Ralph Lauren, and Abend Gallery. Through their copious connections with respected merchants, the decorators at Djuna help clients create strikingly individual spaces throughout the home, draping interior landscapes with luxurious fabric, lustrous silver, and stately antiques. After perusing the ever-evolving stock of beds, garden salvage, and hard-to-find decor, shoppers can confer with a professional design team to seek inspiration for awe-inspiring home projects, such as turning the den into a warm, woodsy ski lodge, or accenting hallways with notes of hand-wrought iron. After equipping homes with newfound leather sofas or antique easy chairs, Djuna donates old furniture to responsible community recycling programs, reducing carbon footprints and ensuring that orphaned loveseats won't catch cold on the curb.

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