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When Tabetha Landt Hastings opened the box of painting supplies, she could barely hold back the tears. Her sister had been an artist and avid painter, and Tabetha was trying to cope with her passing when she picked up the brushes she inherited and put paint to canvas for the first time. The sensation was almost indescribable to her: she instantly felt an intimate sense of familiarity with the art form despite never having attempted it before. She knew then that something more was going on within her—a new connection was forever made—and she dove into painting with her sister in mind.

Years have passed since that first stroke, but Tabetha maintains the same fervor that marked her beginnings in painting as she sells her own art and leads classes. Her three-hour workshops invite students to see where their imaginations can take them while interpreting a chosen work in a group setting. She also hosts a paint club, which gathers artists of all skill levels to paint together.