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1110 Acoma St Denver, CO 80204


Walking through the front doors and taking in Pilate's Aligned's soaring ceilings, graceful curves, and exposed brick walls, clients feel rejuvenated. The sight of light spilling onto hardwood floors and Pilates Reformer equipment says everything: this is a place to reshape your body. At this traditional Pilates studio, certified instructors lead members of all skill levels through mat and reformer classes, helping them to sculpt long, lean muscles, build core strength, and move with the fluid grace of a roller blading gazelle.

Besides building a fitter body, Pilates classes can play a significant role in injury rehabilitation. No one knows this better than Pilates Aligned founder Cara Resser. The former NYU dance student first came to Pilates while recovering from a broken back. Over the course of two years, Cara practiced Pilates under the guidance of Kathy Standford Grant, a former disciple of Joseph Pilates who was once an injured dancer herself. It was through Kathy's gentle guidance that Cara regained the lost core strength and alignment she needed to continue her dance career, and ultimately inspired her to teach Pilates in addition to her work teaching dance and movement studies at Naropa University.


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