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1215 E 6th Ave Denver, CO 80218


After completing years of training, earning their certifications, and memorizing more than 500 Pilates movements, aspiring instructors still aren't ready for recruitment at Vita Movement. Owner Patricia A. Robinson looks for one other crucial quality on potential résumés: adaptability. She and her highly trained staff members distinguish their teaching from rote instruction by making personal adjustments for each client. These modifications can be minute or broad, and cater to different fitness levels as well as conditions such as injury or pregnancy. In fact, Patricia specializes in pre- and postnatal workouts, regimens that have been featured on 9 News for their ability to reduce the physical stresses of motherhood. No matter the course, instructors keep a careful eye on their pupils' progress, displaying the keen attention to anatomical detail that helped them win the award for Best Pilates Studio on the 2011 Denver A-List.

The studio keeps its sessions intimate to better tailor its lessons. Reformers by Balanced Body line the brightly lit space, vying for attention with Wunda Chairs and other equipment in addition to a supply of mats, bands, and rollers. The machinery helps tone and strengthen bodies’ "powerhouse," or core, relying on springs for resistance as students stretch into adapted Pilates motions. In addition to Pilates courses, such as jump-board and Reformer classes, students can partake in TRX suspension training and indoor cycling. Pilates Vita also acts as a boutique gym, granting members full access to the all equipment as well as three genie wishes that don’t involve flying or the ability to eat 12 wedding cakes without getting sick.