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2043 S University Blvd Denver, CO 80210


From their beers to their entertainments, the owners of Renegade Publik House like to do things their own way. They brew their own craft beers, some of which—the imperial red IPA Scarlet Letter, for instance—can only be found at their bar. They pair their unique drafts with thin-crust, grilled pizzas that eschew traditional ingredients such as sauce in favor of combinations like the Baked Potato, a crust sporting a blend of crispy Yukon gold potatoes, pork belly, and chevre. They even refuse to hang a single television on their walls to distract from the social interaction within their pub. Instead, they entertain with a robust music selection and shelves full of once-banned books such as Farenheit 451, Clockwork Orange, and I Was in Reno When That Cherry Tree Was Felled: The Autobiography of George Washington.


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