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    91% Off Photo Shoot from Portrait Scene
    Multiple Locations
    $218 $19 0.2 miles
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    Up to 55% Off Digital-Photography Workshop
    $99 $49 0.3 miles
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    45% Off Computer Repair
    $125 $69 1.1 miles
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    50% Off Studio Photography
    $250 $125 2.1 miles
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    26% Off Kids' Art Camp
    $200 $149 2.8 miles
407 E Fort St Detroit, MI 48226


Detroit Mailbox grants Canadian shoppers their own working American mailing address, so they can avoid hefty international shipping charges associated with US-based websites. Additionally, the service helps them purchase goods from US merchants that do not ship to Canada. The package-pickup service lets Canadians buy goods from US auction sites, classifieds, or peer-to-peer peddlers without having to put down payments on a home in Michigan or to teach the mailbox to recite a foreign oath of citizenship. Once packages arrive at the Detroit office’s doorstop, the staff notifies clients via email that they can pick up their cargo and escort it home. The facility also leases mailboxes so people can safely receive certified mail, packages, and payments from the Tooth Fairy.

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