Da Factory - Crossfit Gym - Training Facility

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1907 NW 79th Ave Doral, FL 33126


A dull thud shakes the padded floor as Ronny Lindsay drops a barbell after demonstrating squat thrusters to his student. All around him trainers bellow motivation, and the air is damp with the sweat of men and women of all ages powering through the workout of the day. This scenario plays out daily for Bruno and his team of trainers, each of whom holds at least a CrossFit Level 1 trainer certification and listens to a soundtrack of workout grunts on a loop before bed.

The trainers introduce exercisers to CrossFit gradually. They start by teaching On Ramp fundamentals classes and then roll out the workout of the day, which typically includes a nonstop sequence of exercises such as sprints, lunges, and pull-ups. Aside from the daily workout, the trainers oversee a specialized CrossFit Football program, which was created with guidance from an actual professional football veteran.


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