Alexandra's European Skin Care Spa

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7080 Donlon Way, Ste 118 Dublin, CA 94568


The staff at Alexandra's European Skin Care Spa keeps its aesthetic armory stocked with technology ready to aid in beautifying missions. The Formostar infrared body wraps help patients break down fat cells without undressing, and the two wands connected to the Beautiful Image Model 900 send zaps of microcurrents at facial wrinkles, unwanted body flab, and underperforming orchestras. A selection of diamond or crystal tips pair with the spa’s FDA-approved microdermabrasion system to fend off blotches and blemishes, and treatments, such as the oxygen facial, target complexions with high-pressure gusts of oxygen and mists of nutrient-rich serum that opens pores and revitalizes surfaces. The spa also schedules traditional treatments, including massage, waxing, and Bronze Biologic spray-tanning sessions. By stocking up on products from Image Skincare and Circadia by Dr. Pugliese, they can augment each of their treatments and never have to answer the sphinx that guards each drugstore's beauty aisle.