Durham Ritz Touchless Carwash

3639 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd Durham, NC 27707


The Durham Ritz is a premium carwashery that pampers autos with the tender care most people reserve for friends, pets, and lonely mail carriers. Maintaining the same quality ownership since 1988, The Durham Ritz spiffs up autos with gentle wash processes and quality cleaning products such as Simoniz and Mequiar’s. Each deluxe car wash includes a thorough exterior wash that scrubs the bugs off the grill, gets the grime off the wheels, and rubs the muck off the ejector-seat lever. The interior cleaning squeegies away peanut-butter smears on the windows, wipes off peanut butter on the dashboard, cleans the peanut butter out of the center console and door jambs, vacuums up globs of peanut butter embedded in the carpet, and spoons old peanut butter out the door panels to make a peanut-butter sandwich. Then The Durham Ritz's detail-devotees slather your ride with a thick layer of clear coat protectant until it gleams brighter than burning barrels of peanut butter. Additionally, a smaller amount of water is used compared to at-home washing, and waste-water is sent to the sewer system and not storm drains.

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