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179 S Eagle Rd Eagle, ID 83616


An episode of Seinfeld once poked fun at the concept of “double-dipping” a chip, adamantly comparing the unforgiveable act to “putting your whole mouth right in the dip!” Though LunchBox (A Waxing Salon) doesn’t serve party snacks, when it comes to waxing, the spa’s waxologists steadfastly adhere to the “no double-dipping” rule. After all, it is their mission to provide a comfortable, safe, and hygienic experience, and double-dipping tools into a clean vat of wax only spreads germs.

Their commitment to hygiene also includes the use of disposable table and body covers, and when it comes to keeping clients comfortable, the staff has a few more tricks up their sleeves. First, they employ speed waxing, a method that cuts time on the table nearly in half. Second, they use wax infused with azulene—an agent of chamomile—that has anti-inflammatory properties that make it possible for even those with sensitive skin to undergo facial or body waxing with minimal irritation. The staff can also add a little frill to freshly smoothed and sculpted areas with glitzy add-ons such as glitter tattoos and eyebrow tinting.