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Two months after she began practicing yoga, Jen Mitchell could touch her toes for the first time. She had turned to the art to help relieve the tightness in her lower body, the result of years spent as a teacher for group cycling classes. As she trained, she became more and more devoted to yoga's restorative power and relaxing aftereffects. Her exposure to the Vinyasa style made her feel as though she had "taken a shower from the inside out." She now leads a team of instructors at Twist Vinyasa Yoga, where she strives to acquaint patrons of all fitness levels with their innate potential.

Twist Vinyasa Yoga’s instructors focus on slow, deliberate breath work and mantra in connection with proper posing technique. The classes encourage students to flex in pursuit of a still mind, but the lighthearted atmosphere eschews utter stoicism for humor and support. Modifications for many poses allow guests of all skill levels to find balance at their own pace. Temperatures in the studio can reach 84 degrees, causing bodies to release toxins and minds to reach a state of clarity while considering buying summer real estate on the sun.

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