Kabab and Curry

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5185 Transit Rd Buffalo, NY 14221


The expansive menu of Kabab & Curry caters to a wide range of culinary preferences by presenting a variety of vegetarian dishes and allowing guests to customize the spiciness of their dishes by choosing mild, medium, spicy, or "I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Cry." The welcoming staff prides itself on cooking fine Indian and Pakistani dishes in addition to providing attentively affable customer care amid an environment that exudes a warmth to match the eatery’s cuisine. Since the crafting of curry incorporates myriad spices, the eatery boasts a curry unique to its establishment that can be prepared with meat or vegetarian ingredients. Traditional tandoori dishes as well as chicken, lamb, beef, and seafood entrees fill out the bulk of the menu, and a selection of lentil crêpes, naan, and savory soups longs for the chance to win Best Supporting Actor or Dish. The restaurant also performs catering services, a more responsible way to deliver its cuisine than putting the building on a flatbed truck every time it gets an order.

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