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    Up to 54% Off Massages at Allure Bodyworks
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457 El Cajon Blvd El Cajon, CA 92020
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Mon-Sun: 8am - 4am


Mello's Tattoo, Inc accessorizes birthday suits with permanent artwork amid an upscale shop with private tattooing stations. During each appointment, clients will enjoy espresso drinks while discussing tattoo ideas and debating the pronunciation of cerulean with the skin-tinting specialists. The resident artists—who specialize in bold-color tattoos or black-and-gray portraits—will assist clients by drawing original designs and ensuring comfort prior to sessions. As with all custom work, the duration of each tattoo will depend on the design and desired level of detail. A palm-size black-and-gray tattoo can be mounted on bodies in approximately one hour, but full-back vignettes of basketball star Dennis Rodman searching for a pot of oatmeal at the end of a rainbow will require separate consultations and additional appointments.

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