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1160 Suncast Ln El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


After years of struggling with a negative body image and experimenting with fad diets in an attempt to control her weight, Cindy Blair packed her bags and set off on a health retreat that would change the course of her life. Thanks to a course of detoxifying treatments and adjustments to her nutritional habits, the retreat led to a revolution in Cindy’s self-perception. What she lost in weight, she gained in a curiosity for holistic health that would lead her to the National Holistic Institute of Hawaii and, later, to a certification in colon hydrotherapy. Thirteen years later, as the owner of Pure Body Spa, Cindy helms a wellness staff that repairs rifts between minds, bodies, and spirits with a litany of holistic services. Massage therapy manipulates muscles to release latent anxieties, and infrared sauna sessions permeate the body’s tissues with heat to flush away toxins in beads of sweat. Ionic footbaths push pollutants out through gaps between the toes, and colon hydrotherapy cleanses the intestines with a stream of filtered water that picks up waste and accidentally swallowed tooth fairies on its way out.

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