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6232 N Mesa St El Paso, TX 79912
Open Hours

Currently: Open
Mon-Fri: 11am - 8:30pm
Sat: 11pm - 8:30pm
Sun: 11:30am - 8pm


First serving up traditional Mexican eats in 1952, Avila’s Mexican Food has been supervised and staffed by four generations of Avilas intent on preserving their family’s recipes for delicious enchiladas, chicken mole, and their famous chili con queso. Most dishes start off with a flour tortilla base, which can then be outfitted with a choice of meat, toppings, and spicy drizzlings of mole, guacamole, or red or green chili sauce. Each dinner plate comes with two sugarcoated sopaipillas, which take the sting out of spicy dishes, much like a lickable epi-pen. The shop’s waiters serve traditional Mexican breakfast all day long, allowing leniency for late wakers and patrons whose roosters are stuck flashing 12:00.:m]]

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