Ricky's Paintball

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1773 Pali Dr El Paso, TX 79936


At Ricky's Paintball, the desert field's design incorporates both constructed and natural obstacles, such as wooden structures and shade-bearing trees, where combatants try to blend in before opening fire on opponents. Before play begins, referees acquaint beginners with the basics, then clarify safety rules so players of all experience levels feel comfortable stepping onto the field. Teams commence shooting at one another in a hailstorm of color, picking out their opponents from their teammates as they target from behind obstacles and duck around corners incognito. Once the shots have ceased, teammates engage with one another in a picnic area fortified with cold refreshments and materials for building a Trojan horse before the next game. Outside the playing field, Ricky's Paintball also encompasses a pro shop, and on select occasions, hosts Airsoft play to gunmen who have their own gear and use only biodegradable ammo.

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