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    Up to 65% Off Haircut
    Another Look Salon
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    Up to 64% Off Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Elk Grove
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    45% Off DJ Services
    On Location
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The Pro Shop inside NorCal Fitness Elk Grove, CA 95624


Max Muscle found its feet in 1990, when a group of athletes set out to build a brand of supplements that would effectively boost performance. From this concept grew a national sports-nutrition franchise, with a spectrum of supplements that help to nurture weight loss, maintain overall health, bolster muscle mass, and build endurance for marathon games of Go Fish.

At more than 100 locations across the United States and through an expansive online store, Max’s muscle mavens dispense multivitamins and protein shakes to both solo customers and affiliated personal trainers. The company places a special emphasis on women’s health and fitness, offering supplements specially tailored to women’s bodies. Max Muscle locations also aid customers in beginning their wellness journey through nutrition consultations, during which certified staff members draft nutrition plans customized to clients’ specific bodily needs and lifestyles.


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