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Progressive Dance Studio, 27 South Van Brunt Street Englewood, NJ 07631


Devised in Israel by a man named Imi Hichtenfield, Krav Maga—meaning "contact combat" in Hebrew—teaches its practitioners how to defend themselves by any means necessary, no matter the size or strength of a potential attacker. From the age of 7, instructor Rhon Mizrachi studied under several experts of Krav Maga, including Hichtenfield himself—a first-hand education that feeds his dedication to teaching the technique in its original form. At Englewood Krav Maga Federation, instructor Juan Berrios, studying under Rhon Mizrachi, helps students gain strength, flexibility, and confidence as they learn to identify weak points on an attacker's body, act responsibly, and fight back using nearby weapons or the human body's natural weapon—its capacity for words.